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Freefall by Andrew Mayne - DVD

Make bricks, bowling balls, fish bowls even a hot cup of coffee appear from nowhere! Andrew Mayne presents his innovative technique for making impossible and unwieldy objects appear from impossible places. Bowling Ball - An updated handling..

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Fire Wallet by Premium Magic

A wallet mysteriously bursts into flames! When reopened, it appears to be a regular wallet. A stunning effect. Comes complete with leather wallet and instructions. CAUTION: Any magic effect using fire can be dangerous. Please read the instr..

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Fiber Optics Extended by Richard Sanders

The 16 phase, eye-popping rope routine JUST GOT BETTER! All the original eye-popping material from Fiber Optics PLUS 10 brand new phases, 5 brand new routines AND Hyper Ring: The visually astounding ring and rope routine! On this 2 hour, po..

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