• December Giveaway

Ultimate Billet Box by Indomagic Land

Finally, the ULTIMATE Billet Box is here! Imagine you can show the interior of the box completely EMPTY before starting. Here is just one of many routines you can do:

The Magician /Mentalist show a wooden box which has a base and lid. Open the lid and show both base and lid are EMPTY. Put the lid back and give it to a spectator to hold. 

Then several slips of paper are handed out to some spectators and each is asked to write any number they wish and fold it up. 

Ask the spectator who hold the box to collect the folded papers and put them inside the box thru the slit on the lid. The Spectator brings back the box on stage The magician/mentalist open the box and ask the spectator to choose any slip from many inside at random. 

There is a prediction envelope which prior to show already given to another spectator. Amazingly when the slip is unfolded the number exactly MATCH with the prediction inside the envelope.

This is really your ULTIMATE Billet box, made from beautiful wood. It's dimension 12.5 x 12.5 x 15 cm. You can do many other mental effects with this ingenious box , you can use playing card, currency...the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.