December Giveaway

Get ONE entry into the draw for EVERY $50 you spend in December!
Shift Paperclip - Worth $99.90
X-act by Mark Mason - Worth $89.95
Symbol - Worth $49.95
Shared Dreams - Worth $97.95
Hands Down - Worth $29.95
Worth over $360
Red Artifice - Worth $89.95
Blue Fontaine - Worth $99.95
October Deck (1st Ed.) - Worth $27.95
Executive Deck - Worth $34.95
Black Crown Deck - Worth $39.95
Worth over $290
Breakthrough - Worth $59.95
'Watch' Watch Steal - Worth $59.95
A Single Needle - Worth $59.95
5th Assistant - Worth $69.95
Ticks to pick up Chicks - Worth $39.95
Worth over $280
Poker Test 2.0 - Worth $49.95
Rapture - Worth $39.95
Jealous King - Worth $39.95
Unmemorised Deck - Worth $59.95
Cannibal - Worth $39.95
Worth over $220
The contents of the mystery prize pack is exactly that - a mystery.
You won't know what exactly lays inside until it arrives on your doorstep.
Worth over $300
A full brick of Tally Ho's:
3x Red Fan Backs - Worth $35.85
3x Blue Fan Backs - Worth $35.85
3x Red Circle Backs - Worth $35.85
3x Red Circle Backs - Worth $35.85
Worth over $140

December Promotion - Terms and Conditions

  • Entry is open from 9am, 1st Dec 2017 until 11.59pm 31st Dec 2017 for all orders made and paid for in that period.
  • You will receive ONE entry into the draw for every full $50 spent in a single order not including shipping costs. e.g. Spending $125 in a single order will get you 2 entries)
  • Shipping and handling costs do not count towards the order total used to calculate the number of entries
  • There are NINE prize packs up for grabs as part of the December Giveaway, including:
    1. ONE Grand Prize Pack of a $1000 Shopping Spree at Magic and More.
    2. ONE $300 Shopping Spree at Magic and More
    3. ONE $150 Shopping Spree at Magic and More
    4. ONE Mentalism Prize Pack including Shift Paperclip by Ellusionist, X-act by Mark Mason, Shared Dreams by Marcelo Insua & Symbol by Steve Cook and Hands Down by the Other Brothers
    5. ONE Rare Deck Prize Pack including a Red Artifice deck, a Blue Fontaine deck, a October Playing Cards (DnD 1st Ed.) deck, an Executive deck by Ellusionist and a Black Crown Deck (1st Ed.) by The Blue Crown
    6. ONE Street Magic Prize Pack including Breakthrough by Johannes Mengle, Watch by Jacques le Sueur, A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin, a 5th Assistant by Geoff Webber and the Ticks to Pick up Chicks book by Rich Ferguson
    7. ONE Card Magic Prize Pack including Poker Test 2.0 by Erik Casey, Rapture by Edward Boswell, Jealous Kins by Shawn Farqhuar, Unmemorized Deck by Marcelo Insua and Cannibal by Kevin Reylek.
    8. ONE Mystery Prize Pack which total contents have a full retail exceeding $300
    9. ONE Brick of Tally Ho Playing Cards include three Red Circle Back Tally-Hos, three Blue Circle Back Tally-Hos, three Red Fan Back Tally-Hos and three Blue Fan Back Tally-Hos
  • Shopping Spree winners will be given a special account at Magic and More that they will need to log into and make their Shopping Spree online order.
    1. This special account will not have any discounted rates (such as Guild discounts) so that item's purchased are at full retail
    2. Your order total can exceed the total of your Shopping Spree, however you must pay the difference (either via bank transfer or Credit Card) before your order is shipped
    3. If you do not use the full value of your Shopping Spree in a single order, you forfeit any remaining balance
    4. You must purchase 'in-stock' items only and you will not be able to backorder items that are not currently 'in-stock'
    5. You cannot purchase downloads as part of the Shopping Spree
    6. Winners must make their Shopping Spree order within 45 days of being given access to the special account, or winners must forfeit their prize
    7. Winners are not required to pay for shipping costs of their shopping spree order
  • Prizes cannot be transferred to another person
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or any other product, discount or special, other than what is described above.
  • By purchasing through Magic and More and participating in the December giveaway, you agree that your first and last name, and city/town of residence can be announced as part of the announcement for Giveaway winners.
  • Winners will be randomly chosen using
  • Only one prize is winnable by a single person.
  • Winners will be announced by the 15th of January 2018, on our website, on our Facebook Page and in one of our e-newsletters.
  • Winners will be contacted via the email address given during their order and they have 30 days from the announcement to claim their prize.
  • If the winners do not reply within 30 days they forfeit their prize. It is the responsibility of purchaser to check their emails around the 15th of January for the email confirming their winnings, including spam/junk folders
  • The winners are not expected to pay for the shipping of their prize packs
  • These terms and conditions may change at any time.

December Promotion - Results

  • $1000 Shopping Spree: M. Ford
  • $300 Shopping Spree: L. Wong
  • $150 Shopping Spree: A. Reid
  • Mentalism Prize Pack: T. Te Huki
  • Rare Deck Prize Pack: P. Candy
  • Card Magic Prize Pack: D. Tosh
  • Street Magic Prize Pack: D. Townsend
  • Mystery Prize Pack: J. Beadle
  • Tally Ho Prize Pack: C. Bell

Winners were randomly chosen using Full results HERE.