RAW by Sébastien Calbry and Jordan Victoria - Trick

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Two French creators have an idea in common.

From the minds of Jordan Victoria and Sebastien Calbry comes the most visual ink change on the back of a playing card yet.

Most of the other versions change the ink inside of a frame or a little inscription. With this original method, you will be able to change a BIGGER inscription.

This is an original method and one of the easiest you have ever seen.

Forget the magnets, weight, thread and even NOISE. This is a completely silent gimmick.

On top of that, Jordan and Sebastien did things well. Three gimmicks are provided. The first one allows you to change the face of a playing card and the second one the back of a playing card. The last one allows you to change the ink on the back of a playing card.

Inside the detailed explanations you will not only learn how to use both gimmicks but also how to make them in less than five minutes with material you already have at home.

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